How to Fix Pigmentation Caused by Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injected in under eye area. I requested no numbing but the PS insisted on using an injectible block. This along with the Juvederm injections caused severe bruising which lasted 3 wks.

Now that the bruising is gone, there's a brownish stain where the bruise was. I contacted the PS and his nurse told me that it was pigmentation and to use Auroderm. I have been using this for 3 wks w/ no improvement.

How long before improvement? Would also like to have the Juvederm disolved, too puffy. Will this help w/ color? Thanks

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Discoloration after Juvederm injection

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The discoloration you are seeing is most likely a hemosiderin deposit, which is essentially some leftover products in blood that were in your bruise.

Typically they resolve with time, however it can take months.

The tear trough injections, injections underneath the eyes in the hollows, need to be done perfectly. I have seen several patients in my practice where they were injected too close too the skin.

The block was not the issue, in fact if it had epinephrine that it reduces bruising in half.

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