Gap After Juvederm on Nasolabial Folds

I had Juvederm done yesterday in my nasolabial folds, and I think the gel has moved to the upper and lower side of the wrinkle, leaving a small gap in between, right where the wrinkle is (on the smile line). I also feel the gel, like a stiff thing under my skin. Will this go away?

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Giev It a Few More Days

Sometimes, the post-placement swelling remits and you can see areas where the physician thought the Juvederm was there but was not. If you have any Juvederm left I would return as soon as you can ( not at night..or to an ER!!), and ask for a correction. If the whole syringe is used (and I believe most of us try to use up the whole syringe) time is not a factor, and I would wait for things to settle down.

The gel is not very stiff feeling, it is less stiff feeling than say Restylane. You may be feeling swelling. It is also less likely that it migrates than that some of the swelling in the central portion has resolved.

Do contact your physician.

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