Juvederm for a 17 Year Old?

I am seventeen years old and have slight nasolabial folds? I tend to scrunch my face a lot in my sleep and in sunlight. Would Juvederm be a good resolution?

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You would be considered too young for treatment

In general, you would be considered too young to undergo filler treatment. There are certain exceptions such as depressions from trauma that might be treated with fillers. Don’t forget that it is natural to have creases and wrinkles. If you feel that you still want the treatment and see a physician in consultation, you should get more than one opinion if the first is happy to rush right in and do the treatment. You will also need to go with a parent or legal guardian for consent. I would rather you save your money and realize that your lines are normal for you.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Too Young

I am sure at your age this is a normal naso-labial fold. Next time when watching the television shows that you like, pay attention to the naso-labial folds of the actresses in your age group, You will see, though many of them will eventually succumb to the siren call of the plastic surgeons knife, that most them have a similar naso-labial fold. In fact when I correct an older person's naso-labial fold I try to leave them a slight naso-labial fold. I think it looks much more natural and does not reveal them to have had anything done.

My advice would be to make sure you wear your sunglasses so you scrunch less, sleep on your back, never smoke and avoid drinking through a straw.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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