Have Heard From Other Doctors That, Yes, Juvederm Can Migrate. What's Your Opinion?

Thank you for your reply to my previous question. i know that juvederm can migrate as other doctors have reprted this, juvederm is also a lipid composition which can pass the blood brain barrier easily.Doctors on some sites have confirmed if this happens severe neurological problems will arise.All these symptoms have arisen since the injections never have i experienced these prior to this.Is there nothing in medical history to this relevance of migration please help.

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Can Juvederm Migrate?

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You may want to contact Allergan directly regarding your question about Juvederm passing the blood brain barrier.

I have never heard of this personally.  I do know Juvederm expands, as it is a humectant and pulls moisture into its self.  If it was injected into a blood vessel accidentally, it could possibly migrate in the vessel.  The results could be mild or severe depending on the structure and how the circulation was effected. This is not common but it is possible and is one of the risks injectors must know how to recognize and manage medically immediately.

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