Home Remedy for Juvederm Lumps?

Is there any home treatment to "melt" the Juvederm to help smooth the lumps out? I had it done about a week and a half ago. I went back to the place where I had it done and she said it was a little heavy in that one place. She used a heating tool and smoothed it out. It is much better now but I just need a little more done. Can I do that at home?

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Juvederm lumps

Ask your injector if massage will help. I am unfamiliar with a anything that "melts" Juvederm with heat. 

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Home Remedy for Juvederm

I am not familiar with any home remedy for excessive Juvederm. You can try frequent massaging that might help. You mentioned a heating tool used by your physician to reduce the Juvederm. I am not familiar with any such device. I don't think you should try any heating device at home.


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