Is It a Bad Idea to Travel for Juvederm Injections?

I will be traveling across the country and considered having Juvederm injected into my lips while out of town since this area is better known for cosmetic procedures. I found a great doctor in Florida, but is it a bad idea since I might need touch ups, or is injecting Juvederm pretty straight forward? Thank you.

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???Nobody in Minneapolis

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If you are going to be in Florida for more than a week, then I think it would be fine to have your lip augmentation done there. Otherwise, I would keep looking in Minneapolis. It is hard to believe that you cannot find someone skilled in this procedure in the Twin Cities.

You may not need a touch up, but it certainly is a possibility no matter how skilled your physician. There may be a little swelling here or there, that when resolved may leave your lip asymmetric. A touch up may turn your lips from looking good to boffo.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Juvederm in another state

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I think it is okay to have filler injections done by someone you trust in another state.  You  may want to stay around for  a few days to make sure you do not need touch-ups or adjustments.

Travelling for Juvederm injections

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You are asking a personal question. If there are injectors in your area than why not use them? I find it OK to travel to Florida for the injections just remember there is NO follow up if you return to the Twin Cities. Why is this Florida doctor "so GREAT"? Who is he? Please inform us. 

Traveling for a Juvederm injection

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There are several well qualified physicians who can competently inject Juvederm across the country. When done properly by a well trained physician, you should achieve a very good result. You must understand however, that sometimes people need touch ups and rarely a complication can arise. It may be wise to make sure you will be in the area where you had your Juvederm injected for a few days should you have any issues.

Good luck.

Have Juvederm and other Cosmetic Treatments with the best doctor you can find

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If you don't mind traveling and you have a particular physician you know is great, there is no problem traveling to have that physician treat you. I have many patients who travel from other states and even countries to have me treat them, not because Southern California is known for its beauty treatments (although we do have a lot of it going on around here!) but because they have friends or relatives who refer them to me. Sometimes patients move and travel back to have me treat them. Juvederm is a no-down time procedure so there is no risk with traveling immediately afterwords.

Lorrie Klein, MD
Laguna Niguel Dermatologic Surgeon
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There are great doctors all over the country.

if you plan a long stay and be around the Florida area to make sure you are happy and no complications then by all means.

If you are travelling just to be injected and be back home then what happens if you are not happy, or a complication occur? In that case choose a dr. near you.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Traveling for Juvederm

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Not all doctors inject Juvederm the same way and you may appreciate the results from one doctor better than another. If you had lived in Florida and were used to the treatment from a particular physician, than it would be understandable to travel back there if you had moved away from that location. It is not common to need secondary procedures after Juvederm but it does happen and it would be a nuisance for you to have to travel back to that docotr. It might be more common to need alteration after you have had a treatment for the first time with a specific doctor. It does make more sense to have someone treat you that you can return to without a big inconvenience, if needed shortly after your treatment.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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There are probably good Juvederm injectors in every part of the country

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Although some parts of the country are known for doing more cosmetic procedures, it isn't like doing Juvederm is such a rare and complicated procedure that you would need to travel in order to find someone with enough expertise. There shouldn't be any harm in having it done elesewhere, but there is always a bit of swelling for a day or two in the lips so make sure that is how you want to spend your vacation.

Juvederm Is a No downtime procedure

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Since Juvederm can be injected easily in any part of the country, you should be able to get it done in Florida. If you need a touch up or a correction, it can be done by another physician in another state.

We as a society are becoming more mobile and information can be shared easily between physician offices across the country. Just be sure to avoid excessive bruising. Visit my website for instructions I give to my patients before Juvederm or any filler injections.


Travel for Juvederm

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Cupcake, of course we inject Juvederm better in Florida! All jesting aside, there is as the other posters have noted, plenty of excellent injectors throughout the country and there really isn't any need to travel. The procedure is fairly routine and the need for touch ups in the hands of an experienced injector is relatively small.

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