Juvederm to Lift the Inner Brows? (photo)

Hi I have a small eyelids like the carla bruni (picture attached) my eyes also appeared to be like hers after i injected botox to my forehead. It looks odd when i try to open my eyes wide when im taking pictures instead of my inner brows moving up my outer brows lift and pull resulting the outer half eyelids to slant upwards at an angle. I look disgusting but i need botox to get rid of my forehead lines. so im thinking of injecting fillers to raise the inner brows to balance it out, pls help!

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Brow dropping is common

The brows drooping after Botox is common. In my practice, I try to balance the brow with Botox so the brows don't droop but the lines improve. It can be a little challenging. I would not advise you to "raise" the brows with filler. Let the Botox wear off and consider a lower dose in the forhead for the horizontal lines next time.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Looking at your before pictures, you did not need Botox. Botox and fillers are overused.

Your inner part of the brow dropped because the central forehead was injected.

You have several option to try to corect the situation now

1: inject the lateral forehead.

2: inject the corrugator muscles

3: combination of the two.

Samir Shureih, MD
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