Correct Injection Sites for Juvederm on Lips?

I had Juvederm done on my lips. My doctor did my upper lip, but on the lining of each side, and then my lower lip about a quarter of the way under on each side. It does not look like my lips were even poochy. Are the Juvederm injections supposed to go into the lip itself or the border? I am wondering where the correct injection sites should be to get the pouty bottom lip and poofy top lip?

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Inject the border of the lip for the pouty look

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I usually inject the border of the lip as well as the middle third of the upper and lower vermilion(red part) of the lip to obtain the pout that many of our patients are looking for. It is important to maintain balance between the upper and lower lip as many of the unhappy patients who come to our office after an injection somewhere else complain of "upper lip dominance".

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