Which Between Juvederm and Fraxel Should I Have First?

I am having Juvederm injections soon. The doctor also wants to do Fraxel Laser for the lines around my mouth. Which treatment should be done first?

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Fraxel then Juvederm

Fraxel first, then wait a few weeks, then Juvederm.   Again, everyone is different and has different goals, and issues.  Always best to see your doctor, decide what the goals are, and then lay out a plan that is clear and you understand.

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Fraxel or Juvederm...Which Treatment First?

I agree with Dr. Persky, definitely do the Fraxel laser and wait at least 1 month before getting Juvederm filler injection. Depending on the results, you may not even need the Juvederm!

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Fraxel or Juvederm...Which Treatment First?

Hi Lin,

When you have the choice, as you do, always have the laser treatment before injectable fillers.  In your case, have your Fraxel treatment, wait a few weeks, and if still indicated get your Juvederm.

Be well.

Dr. P

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