Juvederm Injection Caused Broken Caplliaries Around Nose. Reasons?

2 months ago I had my nose to mouth lines corrected by injections of Juvederm. The lady doing the injections put more on one side than the other and also closer to the base of my nose than the other side as this particular side needed more Juverderm. However very soon afterwards I noticed a large patchwork of broken capillaries around the base of my nose - it looks at a distance that I have a red circular patch - what could be the cause?

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Broken capillaries around nose after Juvederm ?

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It is not typical for Juvederm to cause broken capillaries unless it was an area that bruised or had a lot of trauma.  I would follow up with your provider about this.  It would be nice if there were some before and after photos to see if any of the veins were present prior to the procedure. Could it be that the filler under them, pushing up, made them more apparent?

Broken capillaries around nose

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This is an unusual side effect of Juvederm.  If you truly have developed new capillaries from the injection they can be easily treated with a V-beam or V-beam like laser. Thanks and I hope this helps! 

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