Can Juvederm Be Injected Inside the Mouth?

After years of multiple injections such as Juvederm, can the needles cause scarring similar to icepick scars? Does it depend on the way it is injected? Can it be injected through the mouth to avoid this and/or bruising?

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Juvederm through mouth

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The risk of getting icepick scars from the needles being used to inject Juvederm is almost zero. The needles used are very fine and are unlikely to cause a scar along their track under the skin.

Transoral (through the mouth) injections of Juvederm can be done but it has higher risk of causing infection. Inside of the mouth has a lot more bacteria than the skin and it is not possible to sterilize the area as any strong antiseptic solution will harm the mucosa (skin on the inside of the mouth).

You are better off getting Juvederm injections directly through the skin.


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