Can I get juvederm injected in my lips if currently have granulomas from silicone oil that was injected many years ago?

Unfortunately, not being educated at the time I had silicone oil injected in my lips maybe 7 years ago. I've have the granulomas for quite some time now and had one little area in the top removed. Didn't get it all done at the time. The granulomas are not visible. Only when I open my mouth as there are underneath inside. I want plump lips.And want to try juvederm. But the injector questioned if she were to accidentally puncture it or the mix of both juvederm and silicone oil is bad. What to do?

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Juvederm injected after silicone

We rarely use silicone oil because people can have reactions years later, particularly in the lips. You could try having a small amount of Juvederm injected into the lips to see if you have any reaction to it, which really is quite rare to this product. You may want to try cortisone injections for those granulomas. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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