Juvederm in my Nasal Folds Caused Drooping, Spasms and Changed Shape of my Mouth. Im Scared It Will Never Get Better?

i was 19 had it done last july one in each nasal fold and one each on side of chin, a few months later my right lip had a slight droop and would have small spasms , pull to the side up or down, then later the other started, wear i got inject at the nasal folds down looks flat and drooped, it used to be fuller i didi not lose weight so i dont get it near my chin lost its shape the distace from upper lip to mouth is farther . its been a year makes no sense, doctors say it should have dissolved,

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Drooping and spasms 1 yr after Juvederm?

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What you described here is a little difficult to sort out. There may be more going on than Juvederm. My best advice would be to seek a medical evaluation to rule out any underlying cause. You can always have Vitrase injected to dissolve the Juvederm but after a year it's hard to imagine there would be much left.

Juviderm can be easily removed!

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Juvederm can last a very long time; in some patients it can last more than 2 years.  If you're not happy with your results, you can have your doctor inject the antidote (hyaluronidase) and athe filler will disappear almost immediately. Best of luck.

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