Fraxel Laser or Laser Genesis After Juvederm?

How long after Juvederm injections should I wait before having Fraxel Laser or Laser Genesis?

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There is no evidence regarding the time frame

There has been some investigation in this regard. There is no evidence that there is a time frame post filler that laser should be avoided. If you have a choice, you can elect to do the lasers first and then the fillers.

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Fraxel Laser or Laser Genesis after Juvederm?

Hi Lin,

There have not been any studies that I know of that measures the effect of Fraxel re:pair/ re:store laser or Laser Genesis on skin recently injected with Juvederm.

Ideally when patients are going to have both filler and laser, the laser is preferably done first, followed by the filler. The heat of the laser (1 1/2 millimeter deep) into the skin may have an effect on the filler and cause it to not last as long as it normally would.

There is not really any other reason to wait before having either laser treatment after having had fillers. All patients who are treated with Fraxel re:pair are on prophylactic anti-viral medicine to prevent "fever blister" breakouts. There is not an increased chance of infection.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Fraxel Laser or Laser Genesis after Juvederm

2 weeks.

Any injections with fillers cause mild trauma to the skin. The skin heals itself over a periof of 1 to 3 weeks. This happens at the cellular level and you might not see any changes on the surface. If you do any kind of laser during this time, that is like adding insult to injury. It can increase the healing time of the skin or delay it. On surface it can show as prolonged swelling or redness. You are also more likely to have cold sore break outs (herpetic).

So, to be on the safe side wait for at least 2 weeks.


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