Is juvederm what I need for genetic under eye bags? What is the recovery time and how much is it? (photo)

I am at 23 year old female with under eye bags that I've had for years. Everyone is always asking me if I am tired. I know my bags are genetic, plus I have allergy issues. Will i ever be able to look my young age??

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Under eye "bags" - remove or hide with filler?

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What appears to be the case here is more a genetic lack of volume beneath the eye than a "bag". Fillers can make a difference in creating some volume, but if the only concern you have is the small protrusion under your eye, then likely the only solution is surgery. Your filler choice would more likely be Restylane if you chose that route. Hyaluronic gels can be dissolved if you don't like the outcome, so it's one way to "try on" a solution using fillers. You don't mention if you have persistent allergies or if your lifestyle includes adequate sleep or a good diet or not. We all tend to run on empty and that habit will - and often does - alter our appearance and exaggerate any imperfections.

Eye Bag Correction

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Most likley Juvederm will not disguise the fullness you have under your eyes. Your best option is a lower blepharoplasty to permanently correct the problem.

Juvederm for genetic under eye bags

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I would not recommend Juvederm for under eye bags. I prefer to use Restylane in this area as it doesn't have such a potential for the Tyndall effect. More than than, I would recommend you see a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon for an in-person evaluation and assessment of your genetic undereye bags, as surgery may be an option as well.

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