Where to Get Juvederm for $350 or Less in Houston TX?

Where can I get juvederm for $350 or less in Houston TX? I really need to make an appointment this week. I've been seeing this other clinic, but the frown lines never disappeared and I keep going to the same clinic for over a year. The nurse keeps telling me that it would disappeared the frown lines, but they never disappeared: ( Plus they're pretty expensive I know it will work great on me cause I've been using botox and fillers for over two years. Before I moved to Texas.

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Be careful with price for Juvederm

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Please don't have price be your main reason to go to a particular injector:

Make sure the Juvederm comes from the Actual manufacturer.  

Every week we get a fax in the office about a "Canadian" pharmacy that wants to sell us Juvederm at half price. We don't know where the Juvederm is coming from, or what is in it.  If there is an issue, who will back it up? If it is from Allergan, they will work to help resolve the issue. A few years ago, we had a three patients that the Botox did not work in. Turns out the box was left on the loading dock too long. Allergan sent us new Botox, and all worked out well.

Make sure about your injector.

To do injectables correctly, one needs a knowledge base of anatomy and proper training. Juverderm is very safe, but it can cause trouble if injected in the wrong space.  

Cheap can become expensive really fast. Please see a legitimate, well trained, experienced injector.

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Juvederm for $350 or less

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To get the improvement that you seek, you will need to ensure sufficient amount being used, proper technique is being used, and that real juvederm is being used. $350 for a 1.0 cc syringe is very inexpensive anywhere in the country.  If you find that fee, ensure that your injector is expert and experienced.  

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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