More Injections for Facial Lines Still Present After Juvederm?

I am not happy with the results of my Juvederm injections. The facial lines are still apparent. What should I discuss with my doctor about the unfavorable results? I will be seeing him 6/22/09. Why did this treatment seem not to work? Are more injections the answer?

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May be better served with another modality

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If you are unhappy after treatment with Juvederm, there are many possible causes. You may indeed require more Juvederm. If the lines are caused by muscular contraction, Botox may help. If the lines are very deep, or if these are truly contour changes and not wrinkles, a thicker product like Radiesse may be more appropriate. Conversely, if the lines are very superficial, you may be better served with skin resurfacing rather than a filler.

Good Luck!

Bel Air Plastic Surgeon
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You can get more Juvederm, but you should wait a month.

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When you see your doctor, ask to see before and after photos. I'm sure you'll see a difference, but you may ultimately need more product injected.

I would suggest waiting a month before getting more, since subtle improvements may still come, and if you rush into another treatment too soon, you may end up with visible bumps. These are worse than under-correction.

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Eric M. Joseph, MD
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