Options to Fix Malar Mounds?

I am a 30 old female. In the past 8 years Ive noticed I'm getting these dents on my cheekbones,after research I learned there called Malar Mounds. I've tried fat transfer with no real results, then months later I tried juvederm, only to learn it never filled the dents but seemed like it filled over dents causing a hard lumpy effect on my cheekbones. What options do I have to fix this?I really want to avoid facelift or lower blepharoplasty (which my PS recommended).Any PS that Specialize in this?

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Malar bags

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Malar bags are often edema or swelling like when legs swell.  This is very difficult to treat and may not be treatable if this is waht you actually have.

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Treatment of malar bags

What you are seeing is a zygomatico-cutaneous ligament that is tighter/shorter than other nearby supporting ligaments. I do not think it is solvable without surgery and I am not sure I would want to go after it/divide the ligament at your age. Doing so may lead to premature sagging/aging so that the cure is worse than the disease. These are not your classical malar bags or mounds.

Aaron Stone, MD
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