Juvederm Did Not Work for Lip Enhancement! Help!

i had juvederm injected into my lips a week ago & once the swelling went down i had no results! my lips still look the same & i'm so disappointed because i was looking forward to finally having nice lips & also because i spent $470. also my doctor didn't seem to care & just suggested that i get another syringe but i cannot afford it. what options do i have? i want fuller lips, but can't throw more money away. please help!!!

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Juvederm for lip enhancement

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Look at your before and after photos to see if there is any difference.  There probably is at least a small enhancement of your lips, but if you would like fuller lips, you would need more filler.

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Juvederm and thin lips

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Sorry to hear. Were pictures taken to get a real comparison? Was a full syringe injected? If it was and no change took place, then your options are limited if you cannot get another syringe. In the future, other good options include fat transfer injections, or lip implants. You could also express your disappointment to your Dr, and perhaps get another syringe at a discounted price, but that would be up to him.

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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