Can Juvederm Cause Deep, Intense Flammatory Response? (photo)

I had juvederm injected 4 yrs ago by a dermatologist. For the past 2 yrs now, I have very pruritic blisters around the corners of my mouth that are horrific in appearance. Very small, glass-like pieces of material are also extruded out from the corners of my mouth since the juvederm was injected. This is all painful and embarrassing! What can I do to end this nightmare?!

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Juvederm and inflammatory nodules

Juvderm is no longer in your skin four years after injection, although it may have triggered an inflammatory reaction in the injected area that is lingering. I would see a board certified dermatologist to obtain a skin biopsy for tissue culture to rule out all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, acid fast bacilli, etc.).  He/she may chose to start antibiotics and cortisone injections to calm down the inflammation. While you may already be avoiding this, it is also important not to "pick out" the glass-like pieces of material to prevent scarring. If your tests come back negative, that may be  very important in halting the process.

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Skin reaction in area of juvederm injection

Juvederm is made of hyalruronic acid which is naturally broken down by the body over a period of 10 - 12 months.  The nature of the particles that you describe (glass like) are not characteristic of juvederm.  Was any other product injected into the area in the past?  You need to see a dermatologist.  Some of the material should be sent for evaluation to determine exactly what it is.

Andrew B. Denton, MD
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Can Juvederm Cause Deep, Intense Flammatory Response?

The first question is are you sure you had Juvederm injected??? IT does not have a longevity of over 12 to 14 months. But it "could" be a possible reaction to HA's. Seek an incisional biopsy of the area with pathologic staining for everything!. Try skin testing to HA's from allergist. See immunologist for steroid therapy and rule put lymphoma relationships. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Juvederm problem

As the other doctors on here have stated, Juvederm doesn't last thing long, particularly in the mouth area because muscles move a lot there. I am concerned that you say that what comes out is "glass-like". That cannot be Juvederm. Juvederm is a soft substance and even when it's not in the body, it does not become hard and glass-like. It's like a clear gel. I believe a biopsy or piece of some the "glass-like" material should be removed and examined by an expert, as soon as possible, to determine what it is. I know you believe it to be Juvederm, but quite simply, authentic Juvederm cannot be a solid.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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#Juvederm complication

juvederm is made of natural skin substances and its unlikely to last in the body for so long. Im not sure if this is because of the juvederm injected. or if it is from the filler you had 4 yrs ago are you sure it was Juvederm? please consult with your dermatologist for further assistance

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
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Unlikely Your Reaction is Due To Juvederm

Juvederm is composed of a naturally occurring substance in our body, hyaluronic acid.  It is slowly degraded by the body's immune system.  After 4 years, it is highly unlikely the Juvederm is still present.  You need to have the area evaluated by a dermatologist.  You may need a biopsy, medications, CT scan, etc.  You are having an unusual and potentially damaging reaction that I would have it taken care of ASAP.


I hope this helps.

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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Inflammatory response after facial fillers

The picture you show is very dramatic and this 'inflammatory response' is indeed very prolonged as we would expect Juvederm to have been metabolized 2 years out - it typically lasts less than 14 months. The question is whether this is Juvederm or something els. Was it injected on the other side and is the other side normal ? When you see one of these crystalline materials extrude, save it and give it to the dermatologist (immunologist) so that a pathologist can look at it under the microscope to see what it is (perhaps this can be helpful in delineating whether this is something unusual). At any rate, see another dermatologist or perhaps a plastic surgeon who can excise these lesions and give you a lasting cosmetic relief. This is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed. Also, a chronic infection in the face should be treated in order to avoid more extensive tissue injury. 

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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