Juvederm Before and After Photos

I've been thinking of getting Juvederm for the nasolabial folds -- and maybe a little lip plumping, too. Doctors here seem to recommend looking at before and after pictures before making a decision on a procedure or a doc. But what should I be looking for in Juvederm before and after photos?

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Juvederm pictures

When you are looking at pictures of patients who have had Juvederm or any other filler in the nasolabial folds, you should notice that the fold is not as deep or prominent as it was previously. Some patients may look as if the fold is totally gone and some may still have a hint of a fold. For the lips, you want to pay close attention that they are not over-filled and do not have the "duck" look which is a tell-tale sign the lips are enhanced.

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Juvederm Before and Afters

While before and after photos can be useful for most photos, we tend not to show them for juvederm as most patients know what to expect.  The reputation, experience, expertise, and understanding of your objectives are more important factors in choosing an injector.


In evaluating the photos, you should evaluate the starting point of the patient, the technique used, and the extent of correction achieved. The results should be consistent with your sense of aesthetics.

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Juvederm before and afters

Before and after photos can be helpful, but I usually do not have to show patients photos I suppose because they know I use these products all the time.

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You have to decide what are the changes or improvement you desire. The surgeon will be able to give you an advise if fillers are suitable for you and if they can achieve the results you wish. Then discuss what are the options available to you.

Pictures will show you the kind of improvement that a filler is capable of.Choose your surgeon carefully

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Juvederm before and after photos.

Even if your doctor does not have good photos to show you, you can find some on websites for the fillers themselves. Then you can show your doctor what kind of lips you would like, also by presenting magazine photos or older photos of yourself when your lips were plumper.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Before and After Pictures

People understand concepts faster when presented visually than verbally. The most eloquent explanation does not have the impact of a single great illustration.

First, look at several pictures of yourself. Ask yourself if you could, what would you change, if anything, and what would you like the final outcome to be.

Then, when looking a Before and After pictures, especially those which come with descriptions, asses the extent of the deformity, the procedures done and the extent of correction achieved. That should give you and idea what is feasible.

Finally, make the leap and compare your deformity to those of the ones you saw in the pictures. Consider that these are probably the best results achievable with that modality. Now ask yourself, would you be happy with such results? If the answer is 'Yes' - you know what to do. If you would not be happy - maybe you need a more aggressive procedure (with better potential benefits and higher potential risks) OR your expectations may be too high. In the latter case, do NOT have the procedure. You would probably be disappointed.

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