3 weeks post op of Juvederm, my bottom lip sags a lot on one side. Is this normal? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of juvaderm in top and bottom lip 3 weeks ago. My bottom lip sags a lot on one side. I had a minimal amount placed in the bottom lip. My P'S said I might have a bruised nerve. I have no pain it just looks really bad when I smile. Will this fix itself?

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If you do have nerve damage it should restore in time.

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If you do have nerve damage it should restore in time. It is difficult to determine as an in person assessment is required.

Schedule a follow up with a board certified plastic surgeon to obtain an accurate opinion.

Best of Luck.


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It's not possible to provide really useful commentary without seeing a pre-injection photo and/or examining you in person.  You may want to get a second opinion in person from an experienced injector in your area.

Uneven lips after Juvederm

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Hi Christy. Hopefully you had before and after pictures taken prior to your treatment. That way your injector can compare the pictures and see if there was any asymmetry present before your injections that has now become more pronounced after volume was added to your lips. Injuring the nerves during lip injections is extremely rare (I actually have never seen it happen), although I guess it's not impossible. Regardless I think this will resolve with time. Best wishes.

Abnormal Smile after Juvederm to lips - Looks like the marginal mandibular nerve is affected on the left.

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It would be highly unusual to have a nerve bruised with the filler injection, but it can happen.  It should recover completely.  Is there any chance that Botox was placed in this area?  This would make more sense.  There is nothing to do to make this improve faster.  It might take a few months but most likely a few weeks.
Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Lip augmentation with filler

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It is not possible to give good advice based on a single photo.  You really need to be evaluated in person by your injector.  With that being said, you will likely have improvement by being patient and giving it time. Hang in there for now and visit your doctor if you continue to be dissatisfied.

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
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