Are Juvederm or Restylane Harvested in Yeast?

I WAS TOLD THAT SOME FILLERS ARE HARVESTED IN YEAST, WHICH I AM ALLERGIC TO. But was told that Restylane process removed any residual from harvesting? My plastic surgeon stated that Juvaderm was not harvested in yeast? I want to make sure for obvious reasons? I am looking for nasolabial injections?

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Juvederm and Restylane are Genetically Engineered

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Hyaluronic acids for use as fillers were first isolated from rooster combs. Some combs had a greater concentration than others, so the concentration would vary from syringe to syringe. Restylane was one of the first hyaluronic acid fillers to be genetically engineered. That is made from genetically programmed gram positive bacteria, not yeast. Juvederm is made in a similar fashion, however varies from Restyalne in that it is more concentrated and has more crosslinking.

  Patients who have allergies to the bacteria, frequently will have many other allergies to antibiotics. If you have a history of anyphylactic reactions( breathing pipe swells etc.) I would not recommend trying one of these fillers. A history of milder allergic reactions to antibiotics is not a contraindication for use.

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