Juvederm Ultra XC Safe for Dark Under Eye Hollows with History of Sensitive Skin and Allergies?

I am 28 years old and this will the be the first filler injection. I plan on getting the procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon. My concern is, I have had severe allergic reactions to cosmetics in the past and it resulted in severe eye swelling to the point where I could hardly see. The swelling would last approx 2 weeks and would end with scabbing. I also suffer from moderate/severe indoor & outdoor allergies. I'm a bad candidate for this kind of procedure?

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Juvederm is a Terrrific Filler but Consider Restylane Belotero or Prevelle Silk

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Dark under eye circles may be helped by filler depending upon their cause.  A thorough examination and consultation are definitely warranted as filler is not always the answer for tired looking eyes.


If your under eye hollows are from a tear trough deformity that filler may very well improve these contour irregularities; thus improving the way light reflects off the lower lid and therefore diminishing dark lower lids.

Juvederm is not my favorite filler in this sensitive thin skin area. 

  1. It likes water quite a bit and can cause excessive swelling. 
  2. more likely to have blueish discoloration than Restylane Belotero or Prevelle


Your doctor can give you test injection in another area to check for allergic reaction BUT this does not gurantee that you may still not have an allergic reaction at a later time.




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Allergies and Under eye fillers

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I will start with the fact that I rarely recommend Juvederm for under eyes...Restylane is much preferable as any superficial Juvederm can result in the Tyndall effect where you will get a bluish white translucent appearance under the eyes which can look worse if you already have undereye darkness. Additionally, darkness can be from multiple factors: veins and capillaries, and shadowing from excessive fat loss. Only the shadowing will be changed by the filler, so you may still have some undereye darkness if what you have is veins or broken capillaries there.

Second, what kind of allergic reactions have you had in the past? Was it to cosmetics like makeup? Or to other procedures? When we see allergies in people with fillers more often than not they are allergic to the lidocaine. This is very, very rare though, and despite doing fillers every single day in my office, I've only see it in literature - never in person - so the likelihood of an allergy to Juvederm Ultra XC is very, very small.

Allergies to injections under the eyes?

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Hello.  For our under eye injections, the side effect we most commonly see is puffiness for a couple days after the procedure.  Rarely we also see bruising.  We have never encountered the type of reaction you are referring to in your question and would not anticipate that this would happen with you even given your allergies.


We are located in Los Angeles and Orange County and would be happy to offer a free consultation regarding the injections.  You can click below to review before and after pictures of the procedure.

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While it would be helpful to know which ingredient you are allergic to, generally the fillers are safe.  The very rare patient who is allergic to the fillers is usually allergic to the lidocaine that is premixed in.  Having said that, you may want to discuss this with your board certified specialist as s/he may elect to do a test to see if you are allergic.


Of note, with all fillers, you will get swelling because the fillers attract water within your body to that area.  This will generally last a few days to a week or so before settling down.  With my first time patients, I generally ease them in to the fillers and walk them through the process so that they don't get surprised with the swelling that follows.

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Is Juvederm Ultra XC safe for under eyes is someone with a lot of allergies?

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Juvederm is not likely to cause allergies, but a better product for that area is Restylane or Belotero because they are softer and lay better under thin skin. You need to have a thorough evaluation with the providing physician before you decide to try any of the fillers 

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