Lips Swelling from Too Much Juvederm?

I just had a Juvederm filler applied to my lips and my upper lip looks like fell and hit it. Is this due more likely to swelling or too much filler. When would it be time to look at correction if needed? When is applying ice no longer an effective treatment?

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Immediately after filler injection into the lips there is considerable swelling that

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drastically improves over several days to a week or so...actually most people think they have received too much only to return in a few weeks asking for additional you're definitely not need time and patience, ice and maybe arnica/bromelain for any bruising...then wait for several weeks...most likely you'll love the results...if not...then decide if you need more or some massage to rearrange the product...assuming you've seen an expert injector, you'll most likely be pleased with the results...

Las Vegas Dermatologist

Juvederm lip swelling

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Thank you for your question. It is very common for the lips to look over corrected or fake the next day. I often tell my patients that this is the "oh my gosh" day. This is due to all the swelling that ensues. It may last a few days with every day showing a decrease in swelling. The more you ice the first day or two, the less swelling you will have. I would wait a few days to a week and then return to your injector if you still have concerns after that. If you like the look of the lips at some point during the swelling reduction, then take a picture. This way you know what volume you like in the lips for the future.

Swelling management after Juvederm

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Lip Swelling treatment
Swelling and bruising to a varying degree is expected  with most of the resolution within the first 3-4 weeks.Swelling is highly variable. Here are some tips to make it go away faster -
Minimizing Lip Swelling after Lip Augmentation - sounds like you are doing much of the below recommendations
Continued head elevation - sleep in recliner chair for up to the first week
Icing - not directly on skin, 20 min on then 20 min off if comfortable for the first 3 days
Low Salt diet
No heavy lifting, bending over or intense exercise                                                             Bromelain and/or Arnica                                                                                                   Camouflage make up/ lipstick

Some swelling from Juvederm for 1-2 weeks

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There is always some swelling related to the filler injection. Bruising varies between different individuals. I recommend that you wait for 2-3 weeks for the final result. It is to be noted that hyaluronic acide fillers attract water and will swell intinially ( 48-72 hours). This is usually a wanted effect. Hope that helps.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Wait two weeks

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The lips are very vascular, that is why they are red. It is nearly impossible not to hit some small blood vessels, causing swelling and bruising. This bruising should last a few days. If the swelling lasts two weeks you may have had too much filler injected. If that is the case yhour physician might inject you with hyaluronidase, an enzyme which will dissolve the filler.

Ice will help in the first day but not much beyond that time.

Stay in good communication your physician. You both deisre the optimal result.

Good luck.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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