Follow-up Question - My nose bridge seems to be bent 3 weeks after my epistaxis septoplasty surgery.

I am very worried that I'll need surgery again, sometimes I can't breathe from my right or left nostril and when I check why there's this small round thing that just shifts places from left to right. Like I said, the bone bridge seems to be bent to the left side of my nose making it look crooked. At times I can breathe perfectly but other times I can't. What are the odds that I'll need surgery again? If not what will the doctor do to fix my problem?

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Crooked nose after septoplasty

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I would recommend seeing your surgeon for a follow-up evaluation and to discuss your concerns. It is fairly common to have some degree of nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through your nose in the first several months after a septoplasty due to normal post-surgical swelling. In general, however, the external appearance or shape of the nose should not change if an adequate amount of septal cartilage was preserved to provide adequate support to the nose.

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