Why Do I Have to Jump Through All the Acne Prescription Hoops Again Before a Second Accutane Course?

I am a patient of a Derm that is new to me. Male 24 years. After the first course of isotretenoin at age 17, I enjoyed flawless skin for years. The acne returned very mildly nearing the age 22 and has progressively gotten worse (not severe as before). The current regimen I am on 40mg doxy-cycl / day, retin-a .1%, metronidazole 1%, benzyl peroxide 2.5%. These medications are not unfamiliar to me; my goal is not to suppress my acne, it's to eliminate it. Why must I go through this process again?

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Second round of Accutane

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Not all dermatologists like prescribing Accutane right from the start. And 85% of people respond to only one course of Accutane. So, if those remaining 15% do have acne that returns at some point, they can either be treated with other medications (like you are on now), or a second (shorter, less mg needed) round of Accutane again. You can also ask your new dermatologist why he/she won't just start you on Accutane again...sometimes it has to do with insurance too. 

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