Post Breast Implant Removal: Should Drain be Removed if Only Drainage is 150cc of Breast Milk?

I had an emergency breast explantation done last week due to staph infection that ate a lot of my breast tissue. I was breastfeeding at that time and my jp drain is filling up with 150cc of milk daily no other drainage has been noted just the breastmilk. My surgeon is questioning wether or not she should remove the drain and what the next step should be wether I should try and dry up the milk or not ?

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Drain Removal Timing?

Thank you for the question.
Your surgeon will be in the best position to determine timing of drain removal.
If it were me, I would  leave the drain in until ANY  fluid drainage was less than 20 mL per drain per day.
Best wishes.

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Breast Implant Removal - Post Breast Implant Removal: Should Drain be Removed if Only Drainage is 150cc of Breast Milk?

Your issue has presumably been resolved by now but, in general, drains stay in until the drainage is ABOUT 30 cc per day.  It's harder to be give an answer when the substance you're talking about is breast milk; it's usually blood, serous fluid, or a combination.  With just breast milk it's less of a concern from the standpoint of blood accumulating - but even the breast milk can become trapped and could, theoretically, cause a problem.  It may also be breast milk mixed with other fluid.

So one choice is to have the fluid analyzed to see what it is.  That may not be fully necessary but it might be helpful.

I would probably track the amount of breast milk and, as long as it's decreasing, give it some time to get down below 150 cc a day.  That's a LOT of fluid - where is it going if you remove that drain? 

Finally, you can always have the drain removed and then, if necessary, reinsert it.  So the main issue is that you should stay in touch with, and under the guidance of, your plastic surgeon.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

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