Are Jowl Lifts Effective Long Term to Correct Early Signs of Sagging?

I'm 41, and I'm considering a jowl lift vs a mid face lift to correct sagging jowls. I don't have issues with my neck, however.

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One really needs to pin down what the surgeon is talking about.

Just because you pose the question does not make one a "good candidate for surgery."  At age 41 you have many options short of having a lower facelift.  This can include chin fillers, focal liposuction, and small incision lower facelift.  Theoretically a midface lift can help the jowl.  The so-called jowl fat is the bottom of the malar fat pad.  Only a small amount of it comes from the side of the face.  

However, most so-called midface lifts pull from the temple creating a horrible sweep into the temple area.  The results are most unnatural.  The jowl fat does not come from the temple area.  Rather it comes from the top of the cheek under the eye and vertically drops.  It is possible to vertically lift the fat.  However, these are extremely  large surgeries.  An extremely viable option is to have filler in the lower eyelid hollows and fillers in the chin just inside the jowl.  The effects last 1 to 2 years and can easily take 10 years off the face without the wind swept look.  This can help you put off a facelift until 50 or that point were you can't hide the neck cord.

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Treatment Plan And Surgical Skill Will Be Beneficial

The management of facial aging varies from patient to patient and depends on their physical findings and aesthetic goals. For these reasons it’s difficult to provide a definitive treatment plan without a physical examination or pictures. These procedures need to be tailored to the individual patient to obtain an optimal result. Based on your history and age, a conservative facelift variant is probably indicated.
How long the results of these procedures last depends on a multitude of variables. These include the patients wound healing characteristics, genetics, life style and the surgeons technical skill.
If you’re considering facial rejuvenation surgery, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your concerns.

Jowl Lift vs Midface Lift

Every good facelift will improve the jawline by repositioning the jowls. A midface lift is designed to reposition the cheek tissues next to the nasolabial creases - a procedure that is not used that commonly any longer. If your neck is good, then focussing on re-tightening the SMAS layer for jawline improvement would be the way to go. We usually combine these lifts with facial fat grafting - volume loss is normally part of the early aging.

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Jowl Lift

Based on your age and indications (jowls), the procedure that is most likely to address your problem is a SMAS-based mini lift (S-Lift, etc.).  A mid face lift will not address jowls in any fashion.  A well performed mini lift should last 7-10 years.

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Facelift should improve jowls

A typical facelift should improve the jowls. How long it lasts though, is unknown and depends on genetics, sun exposure, smoking history, and the quality of your skin. Age 41 is not too early to consider this procedure.

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Effective Treatment for Jowls

In my practice the only effective treatment for jowls is a combination approach using a lower face lift, judicious fat resection, and some micro grafting of the jawline in front of the jowl. ( what some surgeons call marionette lines)  A midface lift addresses the area above the jowls, the nasolabial fold.  

Jowl lift for early signs of sagging

If the jowls are the only aging issue that is present at age 41, a simple tuck or mini-type facelift will probably be all that will be required. A mid facelift is not the preferred method of rejuvenation in our practice.  

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Jowl Lifts

A midface lift, which is used to treat the triangular area of your face from the lower eyelids down to the corner of your mouth will have no effect on the jowls. A facelift procedure can be modified to address your particular needs. Many women choose to have smaller procedures at a younger age to maintain their appearance, rather than waiting until more extensive rejuvenation surgery is necessary.

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Facelift for" Jowls"

Lifting your "jowls" should really involve a facelift not a a mid face lift.  A face lift will give you correction of the "jowls".  It is difficult to give you an absolute number of years that correction will last.  It depends on many factors that vary between patient to patient such as general health issues that may develop over years that affect the skin and lack of maintenance of healthy skin (sun tanning).  There is one event that is common among all people that no plastic surgery can help you fend off which will change the long term result--AGING!

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Jowls are best addressed with a lower face lift

You are correct in your plan to address your jowls with a lift that focuses on your lower face.  A mid face lift will address the area of your cheeks, with some effect on your nasolabial region.  This will not change your jowls, however.  A lower face lift is the way to improve either the jowl region or the neck region, or both if these are both a problem.

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