Jowl Implants. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hi I have a small face, very wide, chubby cheeks and narrow chin/jaw. What can i do regarding my chin? I would like it to be wider(round), fuller at sides, but not masculin - im a woman. Can a prejowl implant fix my problem? What's the difference between a prejowl and a chin implant with wings? I do't want to add any vertical height when it comes to my chin. I just do not like the narrownes of my lower third of the face and am very drawn to jowl implants. My profile view is ok. Im 29. Thank You

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Jowl Implants

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Cannot evaluate your face from the photo. You will need to have a front and side views. There are extended chin implants and Jaw or angle of jaw implants which are placed at the back of your jaw bone to widen the lower jaw.

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