Is there any way besides medical loans to pay off FTM top surgery after having the surgery done?

I am fighting my insurance to help me cover my surgery but I am not sure that will happen soon. Due to the size of my chest I have trouble working and am not making enough right now to pay my surgery in full. I don't have good credit and can not seem to get approved for a medical loan. Can anyone give me an idea of how to pay it off and what the cost of Top surgery in Texas is?

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Paying for FTM surgery

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Thank goodness the tides are changing, and more insurance companies are now considering covering Top Surgery. It may be worth continuing to fight as the political climate and the affordable care act continue to support medical care for trans patients. 
I am not in Texas so have no first hand knowledge, but you might check out the possibility of a resident clinic at one of the teaching hospitals. If they already have experiences surgeons that can staff or oversee a resident you might be able to have your surgery at a discounted rate.If you have no other options it is worth looking into.
Best of luck.

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Insurance Coverage for FTM Top Surgery

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There are a number of states that now prohibit discrimination and legally require #insurance companies to provide transgender health coverage. If you live in a state where surgery coverage is not mandated by law, you still might be able to get your top surgery covered via student health insurance. To get #Top Surgery covered by insurance there are a number of requirements. Here are some of the obstacles you may face:

1. Meeting the insurance company's basic criteria: legal adult status, Gender Dysphoria diagnosis, support letters from qualified mental health practitioners, your primary care provider and your surgeon.

2. Having to pay out-of-pocket for surgery, then getting a reimbursement from the insurance company.

3. Having to be evaluated by a board of in-network doctors.
4. Finding in-network surgeons who have Top Surgery experience.

Keep in mind, that coverage varies between health insurance companies, states, and plans. Read your policy completely, not only the summary, and look for the #exclusions and limitations section. Finally, call your insurance company's member services department, or, contact a #benefits representative and ask the following:

• Is my selected surgeon a provider with my specific plan? (Make sure that you provide the representative with your surgeon's NPI number.)
• If my surgeon is NOT a provider, does my plan have out of network benefits?
• Does my plan cover gender confirmation Top Surgery?
• How much is my deductible?

Being each person varies, it’s important to be realistic about your goals and what is achievable. It's best to consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon about your concerns and to confirm if FTM Top is in your best interest. It is important to gather all the cost information for Top Surgery from all of the surgeons you consult with. Additionally, you will also incur post-operative costs such as a medical compression vest, medications, paper tape, gauze, scar care and more.

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Insurance coverage for Transgender surgery. #insurance #top surgery

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Thank you for your question!  At our office in Foster City Northern California Bay Area, we offer multiple methods to accomplish your transition.  While financing is available, qualifying may not be successful for everyone. Fortunately, insurance companies have been increasingly more amenable to covering transgender related surgery.  Our office will advocate for all our patients for coverage for surgery.  The process includes verifying insurance coverage.  Then we would submit prior authorization to the companies on our patient's behalf.  If any further questions regarding coverage are present by the patient, calling the physician's office for assistance would be appropriate.  While this doesn't always work, this would be another way to accomplish your transition. Some states are more friendly towards transgender coverage by insurance companies.  

I hope this helps! 

Surgery payment

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The surgery has to be paid in full somehow before the operation.  Loans, credit cards, CareCredit, crowd funding.  

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