Is a TT Easier or Harder to Heal from Than a C-Section and Hysterectomy?

jorenecker here again Ihealed from my hystorectmy and c-cection will the tt be the same or harder to heal from

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Which is easier TT or C-section? Tummy tuck

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Thank you for this common question asked frequently by my patients seeking tummy tuck.  In general, a tummy tuck is easier to recover from and less pain because the muscles are not cut and the abdomen is not entered.  During a C-section, the muscles are divided and repaired. For a tummy tuck the muscles are brought together and tightened but they are not cut.  I hope this helps.

Healing from tummy tuck

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Hi, thanks for your question.  A lot of my patients ask me the same question prior to tummy tuck.  Many of my patients tell me that tummy tuck recovery was easier than c-setion or hysterectomy.  Both the c-section and hysterectomy involve going into your abdominal cavity, where your intestines are.  They are more invasive and physiologically stressful to your body.  Tummy tuck is less invasive in a way that the surgery involves working within skin/fat/muscle layer.  Of course, you will still have pain after tummy tuck; however, tummy tuck pain is most commonly described as "discomfort or tightness" by my patients.  Your pain can also be minimized with local anesthetics or On-Q pain pump.

Healing from a Tummy Tuck

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I think you will find the TT easier, especially if your doctor uses pain pumps. These deliver a numbing medication to the internal tissues and so take away a significant amount of the pain.

Tummy tuck easier healing than C-section or hysterectomy

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Because C-section and hysterectomy surgery involves opening the abdominal cavity, it is a more significant recovery. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is external and while it is not a trivial procedure recovery is typically easier. I would recommend using either a pain pump such as On-Q which infuses numbing medication into the surgical site for a few days or Exparel, a new long-lasting numbing agent that also works for about 3 days.

Tummy tuck healing

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My patients have repeatedly reported that the tummy tuck was easier to recuperate from than a C-section or hysterectomy. Remember that a patient goes into the C-section pregnant, which puts a strain on the body and then they come out of the operation needing to care for a newborn, which isn't easy! In the hysterectomy, I find that patients psychologically feel that they have lost something without compensation. However, the tummy tuck produces a result which is positive and improves the patient's appearance and self-image. I find that my abdominoplasty patients are extremely motivated and positive and this enables them to cope with the initial postop pain much better.

Is a Tummy Tuck easier to heal from than a Hysterectomy

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Anytime the abdominal cavity is entered and blood touches and thereby irritates the abdominal wall the resulting pain is worse than operations which do not enter the abdominal cavity. A hysterectomy involves separation of the uterus from the bladder and rectum and surgically separating it from its blood supply, ligamentous attachments and pelvic structures. This cannot be done without irritating the inner abdominal lining. 

A Tummy Tuck involves primarily a tightening of the loose tummy muscles and removal of all loose, excess skin. But for the most part much of the pain can be significantly reduced by selectively numbing the abdominal  wall. In all an easier recovery. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Healing?

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Thank you for the question.


I have been informed by many patients that the recovery from tummy tuck surgery is less painful than the recovery from C-section surgery. This is probably because there is no intraperitoneal surgery involved with the tummy talk procedure ( the surgery involves the abdominal wall muscle and the layers superficial to it).  Personally, I think the use of the postoperative pain control pump has been helpful in this regard.

Best wishes.

Exparel Mean Less Pain with Tummy Tuck and other surgeries

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Tummy Tuck easier however hard to compare since using Exparel which makes a Tummy Tuck much more comfortable. Your recovery can be made much easier when Exparel is used.
Essentially Exparel is a very long-acting local anesthetic that has just been released. It lasts approximately 3 or more days following injection. This is the same length of time that a pain pump lasts and will therefore take the place of a pain pump. This means patients can enjoy the same effect of a pain pump, but without any catheters and no pain pump to carry around.
Exparel will be available for those concerned about minimizing discomfort after surgeries such as tummy tuck and breast augmentation.
Exparel costs the same as a pain pump and produces the same result but with less hassle.

Tummy Tuck Healing Compared to C-Section or Hysterectomy?

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While one should never minimize the healing process from a TT, it is easier than a C-section or Hysterectomy. The reason being, that in those procedures the surgeon cuts through your abdominal muscle wall, and then puts sutures through the muscle to close the incision. In a TT there is usually some tightening of the muscle wall by suturing the muscle fascia. It is the fascial suture which causes most of the pain in a TT. The use of a pain pump during the early post-operative period in a tummy tuck is a nice way to help reduce the pain from this procedure, although you will still need to take pain meds.

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