I want my left eye to be like right eye. Can I low the crease in my situation ?? (photos)

I have eyelids surgery 3 weeks ago my left crease was made too high. It feels like there is very little space between my upper eyelid and brow bone. I'm really unhappy with the results. Is it possible that this resolve itself since it is only three weeks after the surgery? Or any opinions about made my left eyelid like right

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We can't see your photo

Unfortunately we can't see the photo you posted.  Thank you for the question but we might be able to give you better information with a better photograph.

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Totally agree that these are far too high and skin was aggressively removed.

I am able to lower creases in many eyes but there needs to be sufficient eyelid skin to work with.  An actual personal consultation would be beneficial to understand what resources have been left in the upper eyelid.  Generally these revisions are not done until about 6 months after surgery to allow the tissues to settle down.  One of the methods of correcting eyelid like yours is correcting the upper eyelid ptosis that is often caused by the surgery and also repairing the eye lash ptosis.  Be aware that it is possible to become clinically depresses due to results like this.  It can causes emotional trauma and getting mental health support to deal with the emotional trauma from the surgery.

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