Upper lip pain after 4 months of closed rhinoplasty.

I had my closed-rhinoplasty in 16/7/2016 so it's been a while. But every time i wake up my upper lip hurt so bad, talking in the first 30 minutes after waking up is so hard for me, it feels weirdly tight it's so uncomfortable like i just had my surgery last month! Is that normal?

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Upper lip pain

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Some tightness of the upper lip and some limitation of smile is normal for several months following rhinoplasty.   The fact that it happens in the morning is indicative of swelling that happens in the face when we lie flat.   Outright pain should always be investigated to insure there is no infection or other issues. You should visit your surgeon for an exam at your earliest convenience.

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Lip pain

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The lip pain may be related to techniques used in the OR. Best to review with your surgeon. Good luck.

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