I want to fix my smile but don't want to wear traditional braces, I'm thinking Invisalign at first or smile direct club. (photo)

If I go with Invisalign how many attachments would I need? And how long should I expect for treatment? Could venners be an option?

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E-Cligner Technology may give better results than Invisalign.

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I suggest being very wary of do it yourself ortho.
E-cligner utilizes a series of three trays of different weights which decreases discomfort and shortens overall treatment time.  It also needs far fewer attatchments.

Invisalign would be a great option

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Invisalign would work quite well for your case.  You will likely need 5 to 6 attachments on the upper arch and may need some o the lower as well.  It is always best to align the teeth before considering any veneers, but it looks like you have very nice teeth that just need to be placed in their proper position. Invisalign would probably only take around 9 months in your case from the limited information from the single photo you submitted.I hope this information helps.  in addition to keeping your teeth completely natural, Invisalign will cost less than veneers.

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