I want to fix my smile with Invisalign, and I know I'll need some attachments but I would like to know where I need them?(photo)

I'm hoping I don't need them on my front two teeth since that'll make it very visible so where would I need them?

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Invisalign attachment

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Hi there,
1st you have to choose the dentist where you want to do your invisalign treatment. They have to do what it called ortho records (upper and lower impressions /molds + pictures in your mouth) then your dentist sends it to invisalign company headquarters in El paso. TX.Takes 1 week or so After your dentist and invisalign company designing your case treatment for your teeth, then the dental office should call you for a consult to show your projections, very important you have to tell your dentist that you don't want attachments on front teeth, so he can try to design the case accordingly.After his ready to order , ask your dentist you wants to see projection of your treatment before he orders them, with invisalign everything its digital in computers . so you go to your dentist office and they'll be able to show your your treatment projection with your digital models of your teeth inside of computer, at that time you can see how long your treatment takes, on which teeth you have attachments et cetera.  
Keep in mind , in some cases depends your bite you have to get attachments on front teeth, otherwise the treatment time will be extended. After you see and like everything, you confirm with your dentist, so he can order your trays, company will manufacture your trays and ship it out from factory in Costa Rica, your dentist will received and will call you in around 2 weeks, they will call and deliver your invisalign and attachments on your teeth, usually 1st visit takes around 1 hour , after that once a month for 5-10 minutes.
And thats it...., now you officially know everything about invisalign)))
Good Luck
George Sahakyan  DDS

Glendale Dentist

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