Lip Fillers - how many syringes would I need to get a drastic change? (Photo)

I already have quite plump limps but I'm looking for something a lot bigger, how many syringes of filler would I need to get a drastic change? I'm not looking for anything too subtle

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Lip Enhancement

Thank you for your question. You have great lips and if you are looking to enhance them I typically recommend starting with just one syringe. You can always add additional filler down the line if you desire more volume.

Dr. Kathleen Morno

Highland Park Physician
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Eyes of the beholder


Your idea of drastic is different to mine so the best way to go about it would be to have 1ml done at a time. For a drastic change you're probably looking at 2 or 3ml.

That way you can build it up gradually and the injector can do a better job as they won't be filling 2 or 3ml blindly as the lip swells from the first injections. Would space out the treatments 2 to 4 weekly.

This way of doing it has given me greate results in my practice.


Mustafa Ganijee, MBChB, BSc
Manchester Physician
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