I have questions about getting Braces. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello I was wondering how long it would take to straighten my teeth, how much you estimate the cost, and if it possible to get braces on the back of the teeth or if Invisalign would be a better choice? My front 4 teeth are the problem and I have an overbite.

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Treatment options

Limited treatment options to align your 4 front teeth should not take long (4-6 months). Overbite correction is usually more involved and typically requires more time to correct depending on your situation.  Invisalign® or lingual braces may be excellent treatment choices if you are looking for aesthetic treatment options. 

I would recommend a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss your concerns and treatment options. Treatment consultations are sometimes complimentary and they can discuss treatment options, length of treatment and cost. 

 If your main concern is the four front teeth and you are considering limited lingual treatment options, then you may want to consider a fixed procedure that is available and does not require braces.  Please see the attached video and web reference.  Dr. Chris Pine is very familiar with this procedure and has an office located in Tyrone PA. 

I hope this information was helpful.  

Dr. C

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My suggestion is that you interview several dentists who do braces or orthodontic specialists and ask them all of your questions. These consultations are often free of charge.
Good luck!

Brad Lockhart, DDS
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