Should I lose weight if I want to have less removed from my breasts in order to meet insurance requirements? (Photos)

I am 44 yo, 5'3", 160lbs, hoping for a breast reduction, already approved by insurance. The ps I went to said I may end up in a B cup in order to meet insurance requirements which may be too drastic for me. My breasts are dense and heavy, causing neck and shoulder pain. My insurance uses the Schnur sliding scale, requiring 441 grams removed. I never lose weight in my breasts. Would it be beneficial for me to try to lose weight before the surgery so my ps will not have to take out so many grams?

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Shape, contour and balance

I recommend talking to your surgeon again. Cup size is a very subjective description.   What you really want to know is will your body be in balance, will you have the contour and silhouette you want?  Discuss these goals with your surgeon and be frank about how you want your chest to look.  It's ok to want a reduction AND want an attractive round bust!  You should not pursue surgery unless you are confident with your choice and that your expectations are within reach.  Unfortunately we are bound by certain insurance rules, but that should never obscure your goals. 

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