Are there any benefits to using a dermaroller with colored light and/or vibration rather than a plain, normal roller?

I am 37 and looking to buy a dermaroller for fine wrinkles around eyes and on forehead, large pores on checks, nose and forehead and general skin condition. I will buy a 0.5mm roller and use it once a week. I saw some rollers that have blue LED lights and/or vibrate. Is it better to get these or the normal rollers?

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Micro-needling with LED lights and vibration

There is no scientific evidence to show that micro-needling with devices that have LED lights or vibration have any advantages. However, rollers create a more erratic pattern of "tears" through the skin rather than the clean, more evenly distributed punctures seen with the motorized micro-needling machines. In my office, we use the ProCell Therapies system which combines motorized micro-needling with concentrated human growth factor serums made from human stem cells. Our patients also use growth factor serum at home after the office treatment. The company is also coming out soon with a hand held micro-needling wand for home use that uses the same stamping motion that is seen with their machine. It will come as a kit with their growth factor serums.

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