Troubled by pointy nose tip?

I have had 3 op on my nose to try fix the tip because it is long and pointy and people are constantly on my case about it. All operations have failed to bring my nose tip in and make it look normal. After every 5 to 6 months of operation my nose go back to its original configuration. Why is it happening?

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Photos and more info

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In order to assist you we need more information and photos...You may also want to have 2nd or 3rd opinions.  Just know that nose surgery is difficult let alone revisions.  

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Pointy tip

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Given that you have already had 3 unsuccessful surgeries, I would recommend you schedule a consultation with one or more plastic surgeon that specialize in revision rhinoplasty.  A revision rhinoplasty on a nose that has already been operated on presents unique challenges that not every plastic surgeon is comfortable addressing.  It is important to find somebody that is experienced in this situation. 

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Troubled by Pointy Nose Tip

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I'm sorry you've not achieved satisfactory results despite 3 nasal operations. We'd love to help but we need more information including details of your surgery, when it was done, and pictures of your nose at this time. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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