Is it possible to make my long pointy nose look just fine without being made fun of all the time? (photos)

I'm in South Africa. I have been a laughing stock since i was a child. My mom low level of education and growing up in extreme conditions of poverty in rural areas has made it difficulty for her to understand what i'm going through. I wish to do a nose job op but i lack funds. I never had a girl friend and its hard for me to step out of the door because of being laughed at badly. Please people assist me to able to live a happy life just once just once in this harsh world.

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Consider rhinoplasty or nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Dear ngubane in Johannesburg:

Without more photos it is hard to give you a firm opinion. What you need to do is have some consultations with doctors in your area or wherever you wish to go. Some people do very well with nonsurgical rhinoplasty. You should look into that. Whatever you do, look at all of your options. If economics is one of the factors driving your decision, then for sure you need to consider having the nonsurgical.

Be sure to consult with those who do nearly all nose surgery. That increases the prospect for success of the operation and your happiness. You want to have computer imaging, of course, so you can see the predicted result of the surgery so that your comfortable with the surgeon’s plan. You would not buy a painting from an artist without seeing his work, right? Bring friends or family member with you to the consultation. It is always good to have extra eyes and ears. Prepare a list of written questions before you go so that all of your points are addressed and jot down the answers from the surgeon.

You want to do your homework by visiting a lot of websites of the nasal and cosmetic surgery super specialists. Look for a large gallery of before and after photos. Check out the patient reviews and testimonials on RealSelf and other helpful websites. If you do your homework properly, and that includes readings books, you stand a much better chance of being happy. The idea is to always avoid a revision rhinoplasty or even worse, revision rhinoplasties.

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