What is JJ Miracle Lift?

I was considering a JJ Miracle Lift, which is being introduced as an amazingly advanced version of old contour thread lift, and which also seemed too good to be true. I didn't realize it, until I read so many negative reviews here about contour thread lifts. Is it true that JJ Miracle Lift results last only a year maximum (like the old contour thread lift)? I don't want to waste my $4000 on a failure lift.

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Same old.......

I hate to say it but there are NO shortcuts in Facelift surgery. I have performed many thread procedures and was universally unimpressed. Even if the initial results we good they did not last.

When I am consulting with a patient I inform them that a mini-facelift is a far better choice to improve facial aging (in a less invasive manner). Of course many patients require a full facelift for adequate rejuvenation --- but even in folks that elect for the mini-lift when they should have had the full lift do better than the thread patients

Depending on where you live the mini-lift if often not that much more expensive than the thread procedure!

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