Jessners Before IPL Photofacial?

I have purchased a package of 3 IPL treatments thru a MedSpa. I have fair, ruddy skin with age spots and broken capillaries. I also have a certificate for a Jessners peel with my dermatologist. Is it safe/beneficial to have the peel prior to the first IPL? Is a one week lapse between the two treatments recommended, or should I spread it out to two/three weeks or a month?

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IPL from a MedSpa and a Peel from a Dermatologist. Hmmm....

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You can tell by the title of my remarks that I'm questioning the wisdom of that plan. The problem with going to two different places to have two different services is that no one is helping you formulate a co-ordinated plan for your skin care. It's very hard to give you specific advice about co-ordinating a peel and and IPL treatment in this forum, just as it's hard for your dermatologist to say it's time to do your IPL if you're been somewhere else in the weeks or days prior and they don't know exactly what you had done. 

My advice is to pick one place to have your skin care done. Pick the place with the most experience, with a physician who is intimately involved and can help you create a plan. It's not worth bouncing from place to place for a deal.

Chemical Peel Before Photofacial?

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Hi Kerrie.  In our protocols  we would ask that you take 7 days off after having the Jessner's peel before going through a laser or IPL treatment.  It does depend on how long the solution is left on and what kind of reaction you have to the peel.

In regard to the IPL treatment, if you do not achieve great results for sun damage and small blood vessels with the IPL (or temporary results), consider finding a practitioner that uses a KTP or long pulsed yag for the facial veins and a q-switched laser for the brown spots.  The results are typically much better than an IPL.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Jessners Peel and IPL timing, age spots

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Part of the answer is - "How often have you had peels"?  You could approach this combination a couple of ways.  If you have had peels before, you can guage how long it takes for your skin to repair.  If you do the Jessners peel 1st, I would do it at least 7-10 days ahead of the IPL, giving your skin 4-5 days to repair.  However, if you have not had peels before, you need to ask your derm's office what you can expect to happen...  My staff does a variety of Jessners, from a light peel (2-3 days of flaky/peeling) to a more aggressive treatment combined with topical Vitamin A which doesn't start showing outwardly until day 3 and might last several days.  The advantage of doing the peel first is that it will (mildly) prep your skin for the IPL by exfoliating some of the top layer of cells, helping the IPL be more effective.  If in doubt, wait until a week after the last IPL (IPL's should be 3-week intervals) to do the Jessners, it will not affect the efficacy of your IPL treatments.  The MedSpa should know what your skin history is as well.

Jessners peel before IPL

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In my opinion, it's important to provide a coordination of services, and frankly, a physician's office is a better place to get an IPL, for safety, efficacy, and planning in general. With that being said, you will need to wait a minimum of 7-10 days between your Jessners peel and your IPL. And your IPLs should be done 3-4 weeks apart. Here's some info on how my office does IPL FotoFacial services, and why it does make a difference where you go!

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