Has Skin Gotten Used to Jessner Peel?

I had a Jesner's peel done and had no results however I have had this procedure done 3 times before with excellent results! Does your skin get used to a peel after so many applications? I only did it once a year.

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Chemical peeling very dependent on the technique used

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I'm not sure that your skin has adapted to the Jessner's peel.  Rather, it could be that the technique was different this time.  One of the most important steps in chemical peeling is the degreasing step before the chemical is even applied.  If this is not done correctly, the peel will not absorb well.

Patients respond differently to different chemicals, so peeling is certainly an art.  I like to begin light peels with patients before stepping up to heavier ones.  If you didn't experience a peel, you should speak with your physician about trying again.  I personally don't charge for a second peel if the patient didn't experience peeling the first time around.

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