Can my long chin be corrected with braces? (photos)

Hi Im from New Jersey I would like to know how my long chin could be corrected. Ever since puberty and losing baby fat I noticed it was very prominent and sharp from the side view. From the front view it is barely noticeable only looking a little sharp when smiling. My orthodontist said I had a bite which I could not remember the name of although my front and bottom teeth do touch. It is very rare I see this feature on others. Would braces help? What are my options? Thanks for reading this.

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Chin Correction

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Hello There, 
Based on the profile picture you posted, it does appear that your chin (lower jaw actually) has developed slightly more in both the horizontal direction (forward) and in the vertical (longer). 
It's hard to tell from the centre photo, but it also seems that your bite might be an edge-to-edge bite, or even perhaps lower teeth being more forward than your upper teeth.  
The correction of your jaw appearance cannot be corrected with braces alone.  With the help of your orthodontist and an oral surgeon, the bite can be corrected and the chin reduced (in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions). This would require surgery in addition to braces, but can be improved. 

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