I want opinions on my rhinoplasty results. Is it impossible for those with thick skin to get a smaller, thinner nose? (Photo)

its been 9 weeks since my surgery and i'm not happy with my results. i asked for a thinner nose, a smaller tip, and smaller nostrils but 9 weeks later i still have a chubby nose. The biggest difference are my nostrils which are smaller, the rest of my nose isn't, and has very little difference. Will my nose get any thinner? its been over 2 months. The doctor did mention something about having thick skin. is it impossible for those with thick skin to achieve a smaller and thinner nose?

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Rhinoplasty at 9 weeks

It can be difficult to refine a thick skinned nose. However, your nose will likely change as the swelling subsides. This can take a year...or more.

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9 weeks after rhinoplasty healing

Dear Dipoine7,

  • It is still very early in your healing period, especially for the tip
  • The tip starts to become more defined after 3 months and will continue for the next several years
  • At the 6 month mark, you will have a pretty good idea of what the nose will look like
  • Having thicker skin will also prolong the healing stage
  • See your surgeon, you may want to consider steroid injections to bring the swelling down further

Nima Shemirani

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