How this can be fixed (hump)? What else is wrong with my nose? (photos)

I believe i have a dorsal hump in my nose(if u can tell from the picture) . Is there any other way to fix that except rhinoplasty? Could lifter liquids help me or would it make my nose too big? Also, im not sure if my nose is left inclined(maybe you can tell as well from the picture). What else is wrong with my nose? Could that be fixed with rhinoplasty?

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What else is wrong with my nose besides the dorsal hump?

It is impossible to give you a correct answer with a picture that only shows the nose because the nose has to go with the rest of the face, otherwise it would not look good. Having said that the picture shows a hump and a slight deviation to your right. The picture also shows that you have a bulbous tip. This could be related to a distortion from a photo taken from a too close a distance like a selfy. There are times when a hump can be hidden by filling above the hump in the area we call the nasal radix using a longer lasting filler like Radiesse. A rhinoplasty would be the other way to remove the hump and refine the tip as well as correct a deviation. I would need to see you in consultation to confirm these recommendations. 

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Nasal hump

Thanks for your question. 

1st, rhinoplasty would be a great permanent option for you to take down the jump and get a better profile and a straighter nose. I'm not sure whether the septum on the inside of your nose is crooked, but that's something that can be seen in the office.  

But if you are not too keen on surgery, fillers can be used to camouflage the hump. However it does tend to make the whole nose bigger. I would have to examine your nose in person to see if that was appropriate. Remember that fillers in this area last at most about a year. 

I hope that helps! 

Samir Undavia, MD
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Nonsurgical rhinoplasty versus surgical rhinoplasty...

Surgical rhinoplasty could take down the hump, refine the tip, and straighten it with a permanent result. If you don't want to go through surgery, a filler can be placed above the bump and on one of the sides to make it look straighter. The filler can also be used to project the tip some. The only problem is that the result is temporary. Be sure to see a rhinoplasty specialist for consultation.

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How this can be fixed (hump)?


 In the operations like “nasal tip correction”, “simple rhinoplasty” there is no need for a bone excision however these minor operations cannot be beneficial for everyone. The operation type is need to be determined by the surgeon according to needs of the patient. In these minor operations the rhinoplasty is performed with closed method. The bone and the cartilage tissues are not involved in the surgery directly. Small nasal bumps can be removed in these operations.

In the operation that needs the bone and cartilage tissues to be involved; open approach is used. In the procedures with open approach, the size, shape and functionality of the nose can be improved. The big nasal bumps can be removed and septal deviations can be corrected providing a better nasal airway.

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Rhinoplasty candidate for dorsal hump removal

A full set of photographs with excellent lighting and in focus are required to make a determination about a  difficult surgical procedure such as a rhinoplasty.  A closed rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish  shaving down the dorsal hump which is composed of both bone and cartilage. Osteotomies are then required to be placed in the nasal bones to narrow them and close the open roof created from the hump removal. Sometimes the tip cartilages also need to be adjusted to make sure the entire nose balances with itself. For more information and many examples of dorsal hump removal with rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below

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thanks for your question and photo. A rhinoplasty is ideal for you as your nose appears a little big. However filler make it better albeit a bit bigger. No wrong answer just your preference and what you want. Good luck 

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Cover up dorsal nasal hump with filler or rhinoplasty?

From your photos it appears that you'd be better off undergoing rhinoplasty surgery for a permanent and better looking result IMO.  Fillers will provide some camouflage but not lower your elevated bridge.  Meet an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to review photos of others and to discuss your options.  Regards,

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Fix nose

Both radix is low and dorsum is convex, tip does not project above dorsal line, tip is bulbous and could be raised a few degrees to make the hidden columella.more visible.

This needs a full rhinoplasty

Dennis Barek, MD
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Nasal hump

The nasal hump can be improved by placing a filler just above the hump in the area call radix.The deviation is mild and you don't need to get that corrected.

Since the fillers are temporary is best to undergo a complete removal of the dorsal hump through rhinoplasty.


Dr. J

Tanveer Janjua, MD
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Your nose

You have a bump which can be easily fixed with a closed rhinoplastsy. First you need an in person consultation to discuss it and go over what it will entail and the costs. Information over the internet is never totally complete. 

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