Is a TT needed when I requested a BBL? Do doctors say otherwise to make more money? (Photo)

I'm 33 years old. No kids but I still want kids. Never had an opportunity to have them in the past. I'm having sx with Dra. Yily De Los Santos from DR and asked for a BBL but she said a TT would look nicer. Another doctor said the same. Do I really need one? My friend said be careful because doctors like to suggest TT to patients to make more money. Please help. I'm so confused and want to make the right decision but don't want to risk chances of conceiving. Thanks!

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Tummy Tuck is best AFTER Childbearing

I agree that your best result would be from aggressive liposuction in the back and flanks, with an abdominoplasty to remove the excess skin. However, if you plan on becoming pregnant, I suggest you wait until you are done having children before having an abdominoplasty. Permanent sutures are used on your abdominal wall, and these  pop open with pregnancy, not only resulting in a painful, swollen abdomen during pregnancy, but also completely reversing the tummy tuck. This means you'll likely pay for, and endure the pain of, a repeat tummy tuck in the future. Neither the surgeon nor patient wants that. You can always do liposuction now, with lowered expectations, and get an abdominoplasty after pregnancy. Liposuction will not help with excess skin or muscle repair. Best of luck to you!

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TT vs. BBL

Thanks for the question.  As you know a plastic surgeon's primary goal when recommending a surgical procedure is the help the patient achieve their desired goal.  Based on your pictures, it appears you have adequate projection and volume of your buttocks region but this is obscured by lower back and flank adiposity.  A posterior view of your buttocks would help confirm this diagnosis.  I often find that aggressive liposuction of the flanks (waist) and lower back is as important as the fat transfer in achieving an nice BBL result.  Contouring the abdomen and flanks with a tummy tuck will also improve a BBL result.  Given that your abdominal area skin has good elasticity and would respond well to liposuction, I would also consider liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and lower back with the BBL avoiding the scar and recovery of a tummy tuck.  

Robert J .Paresi Jr., MD, MPH
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Is a TT needed when I requested a BBL? Do doctors say otherwise to make more money?

The far majority of Surgeons have the pt's best interest at heart, yes there are a few bad apples but most are good and not motivated by money, the reason why they suggested a TT is that your buttock projection is actually pretty good, the problem is you have a large belly and a lot of fat on the lower back, doing aggressive liposuction on your whole midsection including the back with a TT will do a tremendous job of re shaping your body...I tell pt's the best way to a great butt is a tiny waist. Good luck!!

Jonathan Weiler, MD
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Is this a Bait and Switch; BBL vs. Tummy Tuck

Your questions touches on multiple topics. 
Do some plastic surgeons sway you to have certain procedures? Yes. They do. Most of the time it is to get the results you want but rarely it is for financial reasons. 
In your case, you appear to present a conflicting dilemma. You appear to be obese (i.e.  A BMI over 30) which makes you an average to poor candidate for both liposuction and a Tummy Tuck.  The complication rates will be high and the results would at best be average. Moreover, liposuction is limited to removing at most 10 pounds off in an outpatient setting where you go home the same day. Lastly, there is NO point in putting you through a Tummy Tuck if you are still intent on having children. A pregnancy would largely undo what the Tummy Tuck does and is therefore a waste of money. 
If you were my patient, we would have a discussion regarding the possibility of your losing weight. If you can do so, I would forego the planned surgery. And while eating better and exercising I would advise you to have your baby(ies). If you know you cannot lose weight and want a shapelier figure, we would talk about a large volume lipoduction which would sculpt out a shapelier figure. I really don't think you need fat in the buttocks. A Back Scoop Lipo would greatly define the area without the need for more fat and a longer recovery.  Then, after you complete your family then you should have a Tummy Tuck which would give you a great result. Lastly, unless you live in the DR you must consider what may happen should you incur complications there. Are you prepared for the cost of staying there a long time? Many local Plastic surgeons may decline taking over your care leaving you few choices. I would pause and think about it. You are better off postponing this surgery and its expense until you understand your options. 
Peter A. Aldea MD
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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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