Why when I sit or bend over , you can notice my butt implants ??? (photos)

I had butt implants 5 months ago , anytime when I Bendover you could notice my implants . I had round intramuscular implants. Need help I don't know if I have to get them place good and nobody will notice or I have to replace them . Even though on the street pple asking me if my butt is real . I want a big butt , but I don't want to noticed that my butt is fake

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Buttock implants

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Its hard to see what you are describing by the photos your provided.  Its possible that your implant was placed too superficially.  Sub muscular placement may be a better option. The only issue with sub muscular placement is that it doesn't provide you with the projection most people are looking for.

Noticing buttocks implant

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Very difficult to appreciate your concern regarding your buttocks implant showing or being fake from the photos you have provided. Please provide more photos to give you an accurate advice.

Visible buttock implants

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Unfortunately the photos provided are insufficient to determine the possible problem. Only an in person physical exam will be able to clarify your problem and then hopefully suggest a possible solution. Glad to help. 

Butt implants

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Dear miss,   Thanks for submitting your pictures, however it is not clear from them what is bothering you. You have to submit front and side view pictures standing and possibly when you bend over.     The reason for the implants being noticed, could be capsule contracture or using  round implants which are not anatomical. Since you want big and natural  butt, your only option is to consult with a surgeon who uses technique and implants similar to my approach - sub fascia placement of ultra soft oval round silicone implants.         This approach allows for big implants (my biggest is 660 cc , but bigger can be used on the right patient), which create nice 'S' curve (shelf) and nicely round hips' curves.                      Best of luck,                                               Dr Widder

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